Ethoxcare GPHS

Ethoxcare® GPHS is a cost-effective, cold-process, liquid polymeric formulation invert water-in-oil emulsifier that emulsifies mineral oil, esters, soybean oil, D-limonene and other hydrocarbons at room temperature to form elegant, stable emulsions. It is effective at levels less than 0,5% and incorporates aqueous phases at more than 90%. The high water content in an emulsion flashes off quickly to give a cooling effect similar to that of alcohol, so it works well in an after-sun product. It has a low HLB of 4-7.Viscosities of emulsions made range from low/water thin to very high/free standing solids. Ethoxcare® GPHS forms elegant stable emulsions that rub into the skin with ease and leave behind little feel, independent of oil used.  It can also be used as a vehicle for chemicals and mineral sunscreens. No heat or homogenisation is required. Ethoxcare® GPHS increases formulation versatility, improves product performance, simplifies manufacturing and development process, and reduces formulation and manufacturing costs. The Natural Origin Index is 0.59. INCI: Glycereth-18 polyhydroxystearate.