Our Suppliers

KOBO PRODUCTS INC., with their corporate headquarters in New Jersey, USA, is a powder and dispersion specialist and has provided innovative, technology-based raw materials to the cosmetic industry since 1987. The product range includes surface treated pigments, microspheres, suncare and colour dispersions, silicone fluids, specialties, natural ingredients, effect pigments, boron nitride and delivery systems. Kobo also has offices in France, Japan, Brazil and UK and is represented globally by independent agents.

SEIWA KASEI CO., LTD., based in Osaka, Japan, develops chemicals from the hydrolysis of natural materials such as proteins, along with a combination of purification techniques and chemical modification technologies. With their innovative technologies fusing hydrolysed protein and silicone, they have been able to develop unique hybrid polymer products since 1998. The range includes plant and vegetable protein derivatives, glycerol ascorbic acid derivatives and encapsulated organic sunscreens.

AQIA QUIMICA INOVATIVA, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and established in 1984, supplies the cosmetic industry with a wide variety of manufactured products, due to several technologies implemented in their factory. They supply hair and skin care actives and functional ingredients, including natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, coffee, olive and coconut oil derivatives, esters including menthyl lactate, thickeners, polymers, quats, self-emulsifying bases, micronisation technologies for colour cosmetics.

CONTIPRO is a biotechnological company based in Dolní Dobrouč,  Czech Republic and worldwide- renowned producer of active ingredients for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries since 1990. Their flagship product is technologically manufactured hyaluronic acid in the highest quality and purity. Their portfolio also includes anti-ageing actives such as peptides, cross-linked hyaluronic acid and oil-soluble hyaluronic acid derivatives. Contipro stands on mutually supporting pillars of active substances, pharmaceutical products and innovative devices.

ALDIVIA is a French company based in Lyon that uses a holistic approach using ethical sourcing of their raw materials, respecting biotrade principals and creating sustainable supply chains. They have implemented green chemistry and patented processes to create safe and biodegradable ingredients. They supply natural oils (including African oils), butters and waxes, patented oil-soluble anti-ageing actives and water-dispersible oils.

ASSESSA, a Brazilian company based in Sao Paolo, specialises in the development and production of green and high-efficiency bioactive ingredients. They combine their extensive knowledge of the chemistry of natural products with their expertise in technology, using Brazil’s rich diversity as a source of resources to develop active ingredients that associate originality and efficacy with the most advanced concepts in cosmetic science. Their portfolio includes natural and marine-derived ingredients, many with Eco-certification, natural rheology builders, exfoliants, fruit extracts and fragrance filter aids.

ETHOX CHEMICALS, based in South Carolina, USA, has, since its formation in 1968, Ethox, based in served the industry with quality products and service. Through their years of experience in the field and a deep understanding of an ingredients’ possible uses, they are well versed in the personal care arena and specialise in providing moisturisers, surfactants, dispersants (water-or oil-based), opacity control, lubricity, foam enhancers, foam reducers, emollients, rheology modifiers and pH adjusters.

STEPHENSON PERSONAL CARE, based in Leeds, UK, is a division of the Stephensons Group and was formed in 2001. Their expertise embraces world-class innovation for soap-based products, starting in 1856 when Stephensons Bros formed in Yorkshire where they originally manufactured soap-based agents for the processing of wool among other household products.  They also manufacture naturally derived polyglycerol esters which currently includes sustainable emulsifiers and solubilisers.

ELLAMERA™ is a range introduced by the Kraton Corporation, based in Houston, Texas, USA. Its legacy of innovations began in the 1950’s and Kraton develops, manufactures and markets biobased chemicals and speciality polymers that deliver exceptional value and enhance the lives of people all over the world. The Ellamera™ hydrogenated styrene/isoprene copolymers and hydrogenated styrene/butadiene copolymers enable formulators to transform oil-based products by adding structure, viscosity, water-repellency and an exceptional sensory experience.

OAT COSMETICS, based in Southhampton, UK, was founded in 2008. They research, develop and supply natural ingredients, derived mainly from oats, for the beauty and personal care market. All their ingredients are produced to the highest standards, using modern, sustainable farming practices to ensure full traceability from filed to face. Their portfolio includes a variety of oat-based ingredients accompanied by comprehensive data packs.

We only offer the ingredients listed by the suppliers listed above and locally blended ingredients listed here.

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