Formulating non-oily, non-whitening high UV protective sunscreens products for dark skin

Talk about a challenge where, besides giving sufficient protection, the product should not be too oily, and it should not be visible which is often the drawback of inorganic sunscreens, i.e. micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. 

Kobo Products offers a zinc oxide dispersion, TNSS75MZCM ,and guideline formulation that offers UV protection and which performs very well on dark African skin.

Seiwa Kasei offers the Silasoma encapsulated sunscreen dispersions which can be added to very basic lotions and creams for non-oily, high SPF face care. Combinations of the Kobo micronized zinc oxide dispersions with the Silasoma dispersions also proved to be very successful (guideline formulations available) in catering to the dark-skinned consumer’s daily needs.

Since these are specialised ingredients, and not commodities, they will be understandably more expensive to formulate, but at least consumers will have more choices.