Massage candles used as blooming bath oils

We mentioned second generation massage candles in our In-Cosmetics report – massage candles where the molten candle wax can be used as a bath oil - and since there was much interest, we evaluated a few formulations and came to the following conclusions: 

  • For the molten oils to be dispersed in the bath water instead of floating on top, a dispersing agent needs to be incorporated in the candle ingredients
  • The % dispersant, based on the types of waxes and oils used, should be determined – this is really trial-and-error bucket chemistry! It is also this dispersant which will assist in rinsing off the oil in a bath or shower!
  • Rather than just adding a water-in-oil dispersant to the candle ingredients, reformulation of the candle is advised, since the melting points of the combination of ingredients should be relatively low to minimise wax particles precipitating in the water as it cools down.

E-mail us for a guideline formulation.