Lipstick solutions

Lipstick that does …! You will find a basket full of ingredients from us that will help with various claims such as transfer-resistant, long-lasting wear, moisturising, the incorporation of water-soluble actives, natural ceramides and even pigment dispersion.

Kobo Products Inc. supplies pearls, treated pigments and polymer blends (Koboguard®) for longer lasting wear and non-transfer lipsticks. Because of the treatments, pigments are more evenly distributed throughout the lipstick, and, if using powders, less milling is needed. If the treated pigment dispersions are used, no milling is required. Kobo also supplies inorganic sunscreens that can be incorporated into the lipsticks for sun protection. As a flavour enhancer, Kobo offers a dispersion of Sodium Saccharin in Castor Seed Oil.

Aldivia’s Viamerine® range (100% natural vegetable derived polyglycerides), with varying molecular weights and melting points, can be incorporated into lipsticks for their anti-ageing properties (moisturising) and also as a lanolin substitute. These products will also impart gloss as well as transfer resistance.

Seiwa Kasei supplies emulsifiers Protesil FN and FN-2 which enables cosmetic chemists to incorporate water-soluble actives such as hyaluronic acid into lipsticks. For exceptional gloss and as a pigment dispersant, Vistanol GDHR (100% plant derived) can be used.

Oat Cosmetics offers Lipid-e Oil (Oat Oil) which is one of only a few oils containing natural ceramides which helps to improve barrier function in the lip area.

Contipro Biotech offer HySilk Powder (Low Molecular Weight) and High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic acid derivatives for incorporation as actives into lipsticks.

For more information on any of these raw materials, please contact us.