Abra cadabra! From fruit pulp… into liquid …into your cosmetic product!

There’s a significant difference between the Assesa Frulix range and traditional extracts that are available in the personal care industry. The Frulix range of extracts is based on exclusive solvent-free technology, it is completely natural, and vegan. 

It takes several days for fruit to ripen naturally from its regular, solid form. A Banana, for instance, become black and liquid once it has completely ripened. After having researched the enzymes and the ripening process for each fruit, Assessa has developed a unique biological process that accelerates the ripening of the fruit, bringing it very quickly to its final liquid form. So, by using this biomimetric process, the solid banana fruit pulp is transformed into a liquid banana.

Most of the minerals and properties of the fruit in the Frulix range stay intact. These extracts are not diluted, nor are any ingredients added to them. Furthermore, there is no colour or odour which makes it even easier to incorporate into a formulation.

Refer to the chart for the extracts that have been COSMOS certified.