‘Perfume is the key to our memories’

This is a quote from Kate Lord Brown, author of The Perfumed Garden. Like music, the smell of a specific fragrance can trigger powerful memories, setting one off on a time-travel course. 

You could find yourself travelling back to a nursery school teacher that insisted you sleep in the afternoon, to a loving grandmother giving you a welcoming hug, to your dad reading you bed time stories or travelling back to your spouse kissing you goodbye before work this morning.

For those of us who love wearing perfume, the solid fragrance trend is back again, with many offerings of male and female fragrances. These fragrances are delivered in waxy formats (2 – 5 g quantities), white or coloured, in tins, lip-ice type sticks, silver mirror-like compacts or even locket . The sensorial properties, pay-off and longevity are determined by the ingredients used.

So what are the benefits?

  • Travel friendly (limited liquids on planes)
  • Alcohol-free
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to put into your purse or gym bag
  • Break-proof, unlike glass bottles
  • The heaviness can be controlled, unlike perfume spray
  • It can be used as a sample should you have doubts whether this is the right fragrance for you
  • They are affordable because ‘You should not have to have money to have a luxury fragrance’ – Lady Gaga

Among other ingredients, Kobo Products uses their MSS-500/H microspheres as a sensorial ingredient and giving a solid fragrance its long-lasting properties and velvety pay-off. Contact our office for a guideline formulation.