Treated pigments for colour cosmetics

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Surface treated pigments and powders

Powders and pigments may be modified to make them surface water repellent (hydrophobic), oil dispersible (lipophilic), both lipophobic and hydrophobic, or hydrophilic. Other objectives of surface treating are to reduce surface activity, improve skin compatibility, physical or chemical stability and enhance pigment loading in formulas, such as foundations for dark African skin. Kobo's patented lipophilic treatments - ITT & amp; Amino Silicone - simplify the dispersion of pigments in anhydrous systems. Hydrophobic treatments such as silanes and methicone maximize water repellency. Perfluoroalkyl Phosphate treatments make the treated pigment both lipophobic and hydrophobic extending the wear of the make- up formula.BLACK NF is a very intense Black Iron Oxide and is primarily recommended for mascara formulations.

Surface treated pearls (KTZ Pearls Pearlescent Pigments)

KTZ® Pearls Pearlescent Pigments offer great versatility in a broad range of cosmetic applications. These oxide coated mica platelets may be used to impart colour and visual effects to lip, face, eye and nail products as well as toiletries, body make-up and sunscreens.KTZ® Pearls are available treated (Titanate or Silane), adding an even greater ease of use, especially for formulating in oil phases.

Surface treated powders and dispersions

Pigmentary grade Titanium Dioxides and Iron Oxides (red, yellow & black) are widely used for colour cosmetics and have primary particle sizes greater than 0.2 microns. Pigmentary grade pigments tend to aggregate in formulas – surface treatments minimise aggregation, hence enhances colour strength, gloss and opacity because, theoretically, the colour intensity is highest (or most opacity) when the dispersion particle size (in formulas) is closest to their primary particle size.Organic lakesdispersions are also available.

Special effects Pigments

KOBOPEARL® PERPETUALS offer intense, brilliant colour and luster for a variety of colour cosmetic products. The perpetual pigments demonstrate colour travel, due to a unique process of TiO2 or Iron Oxide coated on synthetic mica.
Moonshine® GlassFlake Effect Pigment products are borosilicate based glass flake substrates (avg. thickness 1.2 µm) that are planar platelets with a smooth surface resulting in high colour intensity, increased transparency and neutral mass tone. They are used for decorative purposes in the cosmetic industry.


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