Specialities for Colour Cosmetics

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Dry Binders

The strong cohesive properties of dry binders make them easier to disperse allowing the formulator to decrease the amount of lipids. They are also hydrophobic, and simplify the pressing of powders.


Various types are available adding volume and length to lashes:

Synthetic - Nylon Cut Fibers are synthetically derived fibers, available in variable length, thickness and colour, the PP series are fibers made of Polypropylene, Rayon and Polyethylene Terephthalate fibersare also available.

Natural - Silk Cotton PW is a ground fiber from a natural Silk Cotton Tree that is very light and bulky compared to other powders and has high oil absorption, CELL-U-LASH fibers are made of cellulose, a natural polymer, and vary in length from 20μm to 110μm; they are hydrophilic and disperse easily in the initial water phase of an emulsion.


Mica, Sericite, and Barium Sulfate are alternate choices for talc-free products.


A variety of specialty gellants, particularly a segment allocated to high purity, fumed silica with aggregate length of approximately 0.3 microns, is available in a pre-dispersed, homogenised form making it an easily manageable, dust free product. Six different dispersant media is available (including natural options of jojoba oil and castor oil) to tailor to individual customer needs.

Sodium polyacrylate starch

Aqua Keep 10SH-NFCis an extremely absorbent Sodium Polyacrylate powder thickener.

Water-soluble resins

The Koboguard® water-based, alkyl acrylate copolymer emulsions leave strong, flexible, long-lasting, thin films and enhance shine.The product range offers various degrees of firmness and water-resistance.

Oil-soluble resins

KOBOGUARD® 5400 IDDis a low molecular weight polymer, hydrogenated polycyclopentadiene, dispersed in isododecane. It is a low odour, film-forming, oil-soluble resin for improved adhesion and substantivity to the skin, lashes, hair or nail and better water resistance of the film. It is an excellent alternative to rosin- based derivatives.


Vistanol series

Vistanol GDHR

INCI: Glyceryl Diisostearate / Hydrogenated Rosinate

100% plant-derived oil that provides gloss to final products, superior oxidation stability.

Vistanol NPGC

INCI: Neopentyl Glycol Dicaprate

Low viscosity oil for light textured, moisturising formulations, high oxidation stability.


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