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Spherical particles (1-20 microns average diameter), are made of thermoplastic polymers or silica, and are used in finished formulas to scatter the light to reduce the appearance of fine lines ("soft focus effect" or "optical blurring"), improve product feel due to their ball bearing properties, and ability to decrease greasiness and tact, and absorb oil and facial sebum.

Microsphere complexes

Microsphere complexes are powders made by bonding talc or silica to polymeric microspheres using Kobo's patented technology of ITT treatment. These powders have been created to have incredible texture, high oil absorption and bulk density.

Microsphere composites for optical enhancing

Composite Microspheres are recommended for optical enhancement. They accentuate skin with a natural appearance while hiding imperfections such as fine lines and wrinkles due to their microspherical shape and texture of the particle surfaces. They are also excellent for modifying the feel of a product due to the particle's chemical composition and orientation of the outer surface.



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