Ingredients for extremely curly, damaged hair and dry scalp

Seiwa Kasei

Bovine, swine and fish-derived collagens, wool keratins, silk protein and milk protein, plant proteins and specialised derivatives of these – hydrolysates (moisturising and film-forming), quaternised (conditioning), acylated (mild surfactancy), silylated (for heat protectionand esterified (alcohol-soluble); hydrophobicity and shine restorers, with added colour protection; substantive hair and scalp moisturisation.


Hair and scalp care actives Solutions for healthy scalp) and functional ingredients.


Natural oils, African Oils, butters and waxes and specialities. EFA blend adds shine and hydrates the scalp and hair; water-dispersible oils for surfactants without affecting the lathering.


Natural functional and active ingredients suggested for managing extremely curly hair (types 3 and 4), curl retention, frizz control and heat protection, double-blocking colour maintenance system; vegetable-derived cortex strengthener and scalp irritation protection.

Oat Cosmetics

Barley starch, oat silk and colloidal oatmeal for dry shampoos, also for pets; oat oil containing natural ceramides for hair and scalp hydration; poppy seed oil as an excellent, proven conditioner.


Natural emulsifiers for the formulation of shampoos, conditioners; natural solubiliserfor clear hair refreshing mists, serums and gels.

C.I. Specialities

Easy-to-use, affordable salon-grade conditioner concentrate  for leave-in and rinse-off applications; anhydrous anti-dandruff blend for hair food and hair oils.


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