Ingredient Range

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Kobo Products

Treated pigments, treated pigments in various dispersions, pearls, inorganic sunscreens, specialty ingredients, exfoliants, delivery vehicles, encapsulated silicone.

Seiwa Kasei

Plant and vegetable protein derivatives, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) derivatives, encapsulated organic sunscreens, specialty ingredients


Hair and skin care actives and functional ingredients, including natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, coffee, olive and coconut oil derivatives, esters including menthyl lactate, thickeners, polymers, quats, self-emulsifying bases, micronization technologies for colour cosmetics.


Hyaluronic acid (ECOCERT, derived from bacteria), Biotechnological actives, peptides


Natural oils, African Oils, butters and waxes, oil-soluble anti-ageing actives, water-dispersable oils


Natural and marine derived ingredients (many have Ecocertification), fragrance maceration agents, natural rheology builders, natural exfoliants, fruit extracts


Moisturisers, surfactants, dispersants (oil or water-based), lubricants, foam enhancers and reducers, emollients, rheology modifiers and pH adjusters.

Oat Cosmetics

Colloidal Oatmeal, Oat Oil, Fermented Oat Extract for balancing the skin’s microbiome, Oat extract that enhances hyaluronic acid production in the skin


Melt and pour soap bases – including SLES, SLS-free as well as COSMOS certified bases, natural polyglycerol emulsifiers and solubilisers, SYNDOPAL™ soap noodles

C.A. Specialities

A large variety of hair and skin care ingredients including Custoquat Honey (Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey), Betaine (sugarbeet extract or trimethylglycine).



aMaloco® HBB

Easy-to-use, cold mix, low cost Hand and Body lotion base

aMaloco® CCB

Easy-to-use, cold mix salon grade hair conditioner (leave-in and rinse off)

aMaloco® FAB

This cost-effective, proprietary blend of fruit acids (lactic, citric and malic acids), fructose (fruit sugar) and sugarbeet-derived betaine (also known as trimethylglycine), offers benefits to hair, scalp as well as skin products.

aMaloco® FAB2

This proprietary blend consists of fruit acids, also known as alpha hydroxy acids or AHA’s that are commonly found in fruits.

aMaloco® Cocktail MMB

A Blend of Marula, Mongongo and Baobab Oils

aMaloco® Cocktail MBX

A Blend of Mongongo, Baobab and Ximenia Oils

aMaloCoat® MO

Mineral oil gel – can be used to thicken mineral oil and some esters

aMaloCoat® AD

Anhydrous Zinc Pyrithion for anhydrous scalp and hair treatments


We only offer the ingredients listed by the suppliers listed above.

For more comprehensive information, click on the supplier logo to link to supplier website pages or download the Ingredients Brochures from the Ingredients page.

Product lists and Quotes: We do not supply product lists. If you need a quote, please be specific and give us the tradename(s) of the ingredient(s) you are interested in.

Stock holding: We do not keep excessive stock because of limited shelf lives. Only once we have a firm order in hand from the customer, we place the order on the supplier. Depending on the ingredient, we may require a 50% deposit.

Manufacturing: We do not manufacture or formulate. However, we can offer guideline formulations (be specific) and refer you to contract manufacturers or consultants.

MOQ’s: This depends on the price of the ingredient. However, we sell some actives and pigments in 1 kg quantities and hyaluronic acid powder in 100g quantities. Depending on the demand for some ingredients, we can offer 5 kg repacks at additional cost.


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