Ingredient Range


Kobo Products

Treated pigments, treated pigments in various dispersions, inorganic sunscreens, specialty ingredients, exfoliants, delivery vehicles, encapsulated silicone.

Seiwa Kasei

Plant and vegetable protein derivatives, ascorbic acid derivatives, encapsulated organic sunscreens, specialty ingredients


Hair and skin care actives and functional ingredients, including natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, coffee, olive and coconut oil derivatives, esters including menthyl lactate, thickeners, polymers, quats, self-emulsifying bases, micronization technologies for colour cosmetics.


Hyaluronic acid (yeast derived), Biotechnological actives, peptides


Natural extracts, Soapnut Powder, Rheology builders (Fenugreek)


Natural oils, African Oils, butters and waxes, oil-soluble anti-ageing actives, water-dispersable oils

Abitec Corporation

Natural O/W and W/O emulsifiers and solubilisers (including non-ionic, non-ethoxylated), emollients, mild surfactants, hydrogenated vegetable oils.


Natural and marine derived ingredients, fragrance maceration agents, natural rheology builders, natural exfoliants

Oat Cosmetics

Colloidal Oatmeal, Oat Oil, Poppy Seed Oil, Barley starch, Oat BioBeads (exfoliation and delivery vehicle)


Melt and pour soap bases – including SLES, SLS-free as well as COSMOS certified bases, natural emulsifiers and solubilisers, SYNDOPAL™ soap noodles

C.A. Specialities

Custoquat Honey (Hydroxypropyltrimonium Honey), Black Castor Oil, Betaine (sugarbeet extract)



aMaloco® HBB

Easy-to-use, cold mix, low cost Hand and Body lotion base

aMaloco® CCB

Easy-to-use, cold mix salon grade hair conditioner (leave-in and rinse off)

aMaloCoat® MO

Mineral oil gel – can be used to thicken mineral oil and some esters

aMaloCoat® AD

Anhydrous Zinc Pyrithion for anhydrous scalp and hair treatments


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