Thanks for the interest in our ingredients. We focus on speciality and claims ingredients, not commodities. Please familiarise yourself with our ingredients range, the information on our website and below before you submit a query.

Ingredient range: Click here for a summary and here to download the ingredient brochures.

Product lists, Price lists and Quotes: We do not supply product or price lists. If you need a quote, please be specific and give us the tradename(s) or INCI name of the ingredient(s) you are interested in.

Stock holding: We do not keep excessive stock because of limited shelf lives. Only once we have a firm order in hand from the customer, we place the order on the supplier. Depending on the ingredient, we may require a 50% deposit.

Manufacturing: We do not manufacture or formulate. However, we can offer guideline formulations (be specific) and refer you to contract manufacturers or consultants.

MOQ’s: This depends on the price of the ingredient. However, we sell some actives and pigments in 1 kg quantities and hyaluronic acid powder in 100g quantities. Depending on the demand for some ingredients, we can offer 5 kg repacks at additional cost.

Now that you have more information, you are welcome to contact us


The Cosmetic Ingredients Team