Five actives that care for your scalp ….

The scalp performs highly specialised functions and therefore requires focused treatments.

In a world where overall wellness is a key concept, we care because our scalp is not just any skin tissue. It is highly specialized because of the various functions it performs such as being a physical barrier, an immunological protector, a thermal regulator and a sebum producer.

It contains a high number of blood vessels, sebaceous glands and sweat glands to perform these functions. The sebaceous glands lubricate and waterproof the scalp and hair and the sweat glands regulate the body temperature by perspiring. We all have lipophilic microflora, including Malassezia species, on the surface of our scalps which live symbiotically with us as the human hosts. Malassezia, which is associated with dandruff, help maintain the acid balance on our scalps by breaking down the triglycerides in sebum, with, among others, oleic acid as byproduct. However, when the microflora balance is disturbed by external factors that affect the condition of the skin and / or traumatize the hair follicle (chemicals, UV exposure, sunburn, hair being pulled to tight for weaves or extensions) or internal factors (sebum production, immune response, sweat), the production of oleic acid, which is very irritating to skin, increases. If this over-production, hence irritation, does not get addressed, it eventually develops into dandruff. Even when no flaking is present, stratum corneum abnormalities occur throughout the scalp of dandruff sufferers such as hyperproliferation, lipid droplets within corneocytes, fewer desmosomes, and excessively disorganized intercellular lipids.

Helmets, hats and weaves all have the potential to cause scalp problems – wearing any of these for lengthy periods create a warm and humid microclimate on the scalp which also happen to be the ideal environment for microbes to flourish in.

aMaloCoat AD is an anhydrous blend which enables formulators to incorporate zinc pyrithione (anti­ dandruff agent) into hair food and hair oils. It has been shown that dandruff control eventually results in normalisation of the stratum corneum.

Ormagel XPU is a natural algae extract. Seaweed, a marine plant, has no roots, stems, leaves or fruits, but still produces much more oxygen than its needs and release the excess to the environment. It is widely recognized for its therapeutic, regenerating and toning properties. It contains high concentrations of proteins, vitamins and mineral salts. It helps protect the scalp against irritation caused by chemical hair straighteners and dyes. It is also often used in combination with traditional anti-dandruff agents since it helps to balance oil levels on the scalp and in this way, potentiate anti-dandruff action.

Evidence that the continuous traumatization and microinflammation of the hair follicle results in hair loss as can be seen in the receding hairlines of women whose scalps have been exposed to hair straighteners regularly. Traction alopecia is the result of hair having been pulled too tightly when braids and extensions are applied.

Tribocontrol CO is a rebalancing plant complex which consists of essential oils, flavonoids, glucosides, terpenes, coumarins, mucilage, tannins and rosmarinic acid. It promotes hair and scalp cleansing from the root, by controlling excessive oil. It restores the balance of oily hair without drying and in this way, it helps to prevent dryness, itching and irritation of the scalp.

Bioex Capillar CP4G is a complex of plant extracts which are traditionally used in preventing and combating hair loss. It is enriched with acetyl methionine, an amino acid essential for the formation and development of healthier and strong hair. This active is suggested for the treatment and prevention of excessive hair loss, due to its proven action of hair growth and hair bulb restoration.

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