Oils from Super Fruits

This name has been coined to fruits known to be very healthy. So, what can be expected from the oils originating from these super fruits?

Pomegranate seed oil: Recommended for ageing or sensitive skin. It contains a high quantity of unique conjugated fatty acid, punicic acid which has the ability to stimulate skin renewal by activating keratinocyte proliferation and it is anti-inflammatory because it inhibits matrix metalloproteinase.

Passion fruit seed oil (Maracuja oil): Recommended for ageing or damaged, normal to dry skin. It absorbs easily, has a light texture, is non-greasy and contains a high amount of omega-6 linoleic acid for deep skin conditioning. It also smells great!

Cherry kernel oil: This oil is a heavy oil with a high shine factor. It contains a significant quantity eleostearic acid which has some UV protective qualities. It contains anti-oxidants and vitamins useful for skin protection.

Baobab Oil: This exotic African oil is recommended for ageing or damaged, normal to dry skin. It has soothing properties.

Black currant seed oil: It has a very high gamma linoleic acid content, an omega-6 fatty acid, and is therefore recommended for ageing, damaged, or normal to dry skin, because it will be moisturising and smoothing.

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