Suppliers of Cosmetic Ingredients, solutions and ideas

Our extensive ingredient range includes organic, natural, and cost-effective semi-formulated blends.


Cosmetic Ingredients (Pty) Ltd supply head-to-toe ingredients, formulation solutions and ideas to businesses.

We are a business-to-business company that distributes speciality and claims ingredients from manufacturers all over the globe to the southern African cosmetic and personal care manufacturers. 

Our range includes ingredients for skin, hair and scalp, colour cosmetics and sunscreens. Our ingredients include proven actives, plant, fruit and marine extracts, treated pigments and inorganic sunscreens, specialised functional ingredients and semi-formulated blends. Many of our ingredients are COSMOS / Eco-Certified or vegan. We select our speciality ingredient ranges to complement each other rather than compete.

We use our expertise and skills in our applications laboratory to create cost-effective guideline formulations and assist customers with innovative ideas and product development.

International Principals

Our suppliers strive to constantly meet the cosmetic industry’s needs for cutting-edge, efficacious and substantiated ingredients that appeal to consumers. We are proud to represent the suppliers we have in our portfolio because a successful speciality chemicals distribution business is dependent on the technical and commercial support offered by its supply partners.

We have listed many of the ingredients we offer on our Ingredients page, but for a comprehensive list of all the ingredients our suppliers can offer, please click on the respective supplier logo to access their catalogues.

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