Natura-tec’s Marine RevitaLys HP, based on sustainable microalgae technology, is a restructuring and cell revitalising active.

Studies show that the nuclei of human fibroblasts appear healthier when treated with Marine RevitaLys HP – this is because it inhibits the P53 gene expression which is responsible for apoptosis of the cells (natural cell death) and cellular ageing, hence it slows down the ageing process.

The three microalgea actives from Natura-tec (Marine BlueVitalC, Marine CellShield AP and Marine RevitaLys HP) have powerful complementary anti-ageing properties and can be used in a concentrated serum (1803E-SGB Skin Guard Booster Cream) which can be added to the Universally Customizable Cream (1803D-UCC) to make a customised beauty cream.