NanoDelivery HA from Contipro is based on nanofibers of a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which offers all the benefits known for hyaluronic acid and more, such as enhanced skin penetration. 

The nanofibers can be customised to deliver other actives as well. The nanofibers contain no preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilisers, dyes or fragrances.

NanoDelivery HA is offered in blister packs and in patches for the face which can be used at home or in salons. The huge surface-to-weight ratio causes the products to dissolve immediately after contact with water which makes them perfect for highly active masks.

An instant serum can be prepared by adding a few drops to the nanofibers in the blister packs. The instant effect can be enhanced by adding other hydrophilic or hydrophobic actives such as Contipro’s peptides (Elaself, Clodessine, Recelline) as well as with Niacinamide, vitamins C&E, D-Panthenol and Q10.

Contipro’s technology is at your disposal to create a novel cosmetic portfolio. Different shapes or patches can be manufactured, and the technology is applicable to a broad range of natural or synthetic textiles.