K-Ray Magnetic pearls which give a 3D effect in the packaging was one of the many trendy colour cosmetic ingredients that were launched by Kobo Products Inc. this year. 

Other ingredients included, ultra- sparkle pigments for lipsticks (KLP-157-BR Ultra Sparkle Lipstick) and eye shadows, IR blockers for total protection in foundations, deep blue water-soluble dispersions for eye liners and mascara, silicone-based liquid foundation concentrates (Light, medium, dark), multiple reflection colours (colour travel pigments) based on synthetic mica (KFL-142 Chromatic Silver Face Mask).

Trendy formulations using these exciting ingredients(available on www.KoboproductsInc.com) include:

KLG-084A Colour travel lipgloss

KEY-087 Blue Charm Magnetic Eyeshadow

KPP-108-EU Active Lifestyle Pressed Powder

KLG-022A Holographic Lipgloss

KLG-027 Mood Matcher Lip Stain

KLP-158-EU Transformative Powder-to-Cream Natural Lipstick